For my day job, I happen to work for the company that owns Valhalla’s Goat, the most wonderful beer & wine shop in Glasgow (THE WORLD???!) so when they decided to brew their very own beer to add to their extensive selection I was most pleased to be asked to do the label.

Valhalla’s Goat is so named after the Goat in Valhalla which eats the leaves of the tree, Læraðr, and then fills a cauldron with mead from it’s udders, which is so big that all of Valhalla can drink from it for that day. The name of this infinite mead producing goat is Heidrun, so this was the obvious choice for the name for the brewing company.


This – hopefully the first beer of many – is called Vestan, the Norse word for ‘West’, it being a West Coast IPA n’ that.

It was brewed at the wonderful Drygate (where my husband happens to have done a few beer labels) by Chris Williams and Jake Griffin and it’s awfully good. It’s available at Valhalla’s Goat and the Drygate Bottle Shop.




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