Inspired By Independence

I was absolutely delighted to be asked by National Collective to be involved in their book Inspired By Independence: Artists and Writers Imagine a Better Scotland.

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There are some absolutely amazing contributors including Harry Giles, Lou Hickey, Kevin Williamson, Zoe Strachan, Alan Bissett and Alasdair Gray among many others. It really is a completely inspiring book full of positivity about the coming referendum and what Scotland can be. I couldn’t be more proud to be involved in this project.

Book Contributors

I was asked to design the cover, three double page spreads inside the book representing Scotland’s Past, Present and Future and also a couple of spot illustrations to accompany a poem by Edwin Morgan and Liz Lochead’s poem at the end.



When thinking about the Past/Present/Future pages, I found it difficult to figure out what to include to truly represent the diversity of Scottish history and culture but I wanted to give the overall impression of a barrage of ideas, buildings, industries and arts.

I wanted to represent the past, present and future in one long, continuing piece. The lines flow into each other, each ‘section’ moulding the start of the next. The wilds of the mountains to the industriousness of Scotland to the shipbuilding era to the Scottish Parliament to the Kelpies which then flow into the ideas and thoughts of the future people who live here. Everything before affects what comes after. The future of Scotland is abstract and unknown, but it can be whatever we want it to be. And based on Scotland’s history, culture and potential, I am excited about what can happen.









You can buy the book here. And you should, because it’s wonderful.

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