It’s finally done! I’ve been working on this book cover for Hal Duncan¬†for while and yesterday I picked up the actual final thing.


The book is a collection of short stories all set in this mental city called Errata. The city is continuously being destroyed and then created again by these creatures called Bitmites so I tried to portray this in a big jumbled mess of buildings that start from scaffolding, begin to crest into fully formed buildings and then tumble again with the bitmite scarabs flying up from the rubble. That’s what I was TRYING to do anyway.

Progress 1

Progress 2














It’s a single piece of A3 card. It took about a week because it was so delicate and I went through about a million blades. But I was really chuffed with the finished piece.

Gray scan 600dpiHal was completely lovely to work with throughout the process and was the perfect client for giving me the perfect amount of creative input while also just leaving me to do whatever I wanted.

So I scanned it, added some textures and magic stuff and it turned into an actual book. A real proper book!

BOOK Layout




You can get a copy of it here.

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