Cushion & Cake Menus

I was asked by the wonderful wee tea room Cushion & Cake to illustrate their brand spanking new menus. I’m a big fan of the place, good wholesome food, beautiful loose-leaf tea and the most adorable décor. Well worth a gander.

They also have a wee craft gallery and sell some local craft wares, as well as running regular crafting sessions (called Crafternoons, obviously) so a crafty vibe was the way to go.

I was asked to illustrate things in the tearoom such as the vintage crockery, the flower vases and some of the menu items, and decided to do it as craftily as possible by sewing them on to material and then layering watercolours on top using Photoshop.

WIP Sewing

WIP Sewing 2


So I sketched the drawings on to material and then followed the lines with a sewing machine. Although I had to hand sew some bits because sewing machines are not the most manoeuvrable of drawing tools.


soup orig scan teacup orig scan TEAPOT

I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. I’ve not seen the finished menus yet but I’m told they are launching this month so I’ll stick some photos up when I’ve seen them in situ.

table coloured final

vase coloured

More pics here.

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