Cushion & Cake Menus

I was asked by the wonderful wee tea room Cushion & Cake to illustrate their brand spanking new menus. I’m a big fan of the place, good wholesome food, beautiful loose-leaf tea and the most adorable décor. Well worth a gander. They also have a wee craft gallery and sell some local craft wares, as well as running regular crafting sessions (called Crafternoons, obviously) so a crafty vibe was the way to go. I was asked to illustrate things in the tearoom such as the vintage crockery, the flower vases... Read The Rest →


  For my day job, I happen to work for the company that owns Valhalla’s Goat, the most wonderful beer & wine shop in Glasgow (THE WORLD???!) so when they decided to brew their very own beer to add to their extensive selection I was most pleased to be asked to do the label. Valhalla’s Goat is so named after the Goat in Valhalla which eats the leaves of the tree, Læraðr, and then fills a cauldron with mead from it’s udders, which is so big that all of Valhalla... Read The Rest →


I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Christmas is a’comin’ and what do you get the bare-walled, art and bird lover in your life? WELL, ONE OF MY PRINTS, OBVIOUSLY. I also have limited edition prints of the illustrations made for Inspired by Independence; Scotland’s Past and Present.   Birds A3 Print £20.00 Scotland’s Past A3 Print Limited edition, signed and numbered £30.00 Scotland’s Present A3 Print Limited Edition, signed and numbered £30.00 If you’d like any of these please drop me an email at  

Inspired By Independence

I was absolutely delighted to be asked by National Collective to be involved in their book Inspired By Independence: Artists and Writers Imagine a Better Scotland. There are some absolutely amazing contributors including Harry Giles, Lou Hickey, Kevin Williamson, Zoe Strachan, Alan Bissett and Alasdair Gray among many others. It really is a completely inspiring book full of positivity about the coming referendum and what Scotland can be. I couldn’t be more proud to be involved in this project. I was asked to design the cover, three double page spreads... Read The Rest →

Canada Goose

I was commissioned by TGI Fridays Glasgow to create an illustration to go with their brand spanking new cocktail Canada Goose, as part of their  100 Cocktails as 100 Works of Art campaign. I designed an A2 cut which I did most of at home but had to complete on the night in TGI’s on Buchanan Street as part of a cocktail party. It was loads of fun, my only problem being remembering I was working with a scalpel and I should not drink 40 cocktails. By some miracle I finished... Read The Rest →


It’s finally done! I’ve been working on this book cover for Hal Duncan for while and yesterday I picked up the actual final thing. The book is a collection of short stories all set in this mental city called Errata. The city is continuously being destroyed and then created again by these creatures called Bitmites so I tried to portray this in a big jumbled mess of buildings that start from scaffolding, begin to crest into fully formed buildings and then tumble again with the bitmite scarabs flying up from the... Read The Rest →

Website maintenance…

Sorry for all the mess around here. Bear with me while I sort it all out.

Story’s End

I was really pleased to be asked to be involved in a show by The Dead Man’s Waltz (who I’ve mentioned before). It was to be a macabre exploration of the role of death in storytelling. It was amazing to be involved with such a great bunch of people and a lot of fun. It had film by Johnny Barrington, art by Kate McMorrine, animation by Mark Weallans, spoken word by Hal Duncan, and a guest appearance by Louise McVey.  It showed on the 7th February on the opening night... Read The Rest →


  I made a calender as a Christmas present for someone (because I’m cheap), and hand cut an illustration for each month. Mainly birds. Sick of birds yet? BECAUSE I’M NOT.


I watched the film Poltergeist recently. My favourite bit is when it stacks the chairs. And when the guy’s face melts. And everything with that amazing medium woman.

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